Rehabilitation and Resettlement

Polavaram irrigation project

East Godavari

Budget requirement for LA and R&R (Including 9 marooned villages)

Sl.No.ComponentFor 41.15m (Rs. in Cr.)
Total RequiredExpenditure incurredBalance Required
Before 31.03.2014After 01.04.2014Total
1Land Acquisition463.9972.87373.62446.4917.50
3R&RHousing & Civic amenities551.747.9931.1239.11512.63

Land Acquisition up to +41.15 m contour

Sl.No.Purpose of AcquisitionRequiredAcquiredBalance
Before 31.12.2013After 01.01.2014Total
1Submergence Land13,044.62 Ac10,055.89 Ac2,988.73 Ac13,044.62 Ac0.00 Ac
2Land to Land2,023.03 Ac70.75 Ac1,952.28 Ac2,023.03 Ac0.00 Ac
3Land for R&R Colonies612.06 Ac124.59 Ac487.47 Ac612.06 Ac0.00 Ac
Total15, 679.71 Ac10,251.23 Ac5,428.48 Ac15,679.710.00 Ac
4Structures5,375 Nos.1,538 Nos.3,837 Nos.5,375 Nos.0.00 Nos.